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Investment Moderation (concentration or diversification) is hard. It’s hard to make fair and consistent judgments about what companies should and should not be allowed to own. It’s hard to gain the level of contextual understanding needed to properly interpret every allowable risk tolerance. You can spend all day sifting through the best and worst of your holdings, make rapid-fire decisions to sell companies you’re not comfortable to hold for decades. Day in and day out, eliminate subpar companies and force yourself to say yes only to a few.

Perfection is the enemy of profitability — Mark Cuban

This is my Thou Shall Not Version. I figured sharing to the rest of the world too. Hope this helps you in your investing and longterm wealth creation.

(Please note that some of my commandments do echo Motley Fools’ David Gardner’s precepts and Chris Mayers’ 100 Baggers book. I recommend people to follow them and to read their works too.)

#Awesome10X 10 Commandments:

1.) Winners Win. Just because a winner has had a 1000% move in the last 3 years or 5 years does not mean that it has ended. …

Nassim Taleb’s book “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable” is a powerful concept applied to trading. In the worst bear market during 2008, Universa profited from rare events because when those rare events occur, they are in for a big payday.

Universa purchased far out-of-the-money “put” options on stocks and broad market indices. Universa made a lot of small bets and watches most of them go bad. However, when one hits, it’s big.

The foundation was first revealed in his book, Fooled by Randomness. His philosophy was :

We are genetically still very close to our ancestors…

This was originally for publication on Monday June 8 2020 (Proofreading and Other things — mostly my fault for putting too many pics — get in the way) — No problem — I’ll send new articles for June 15,2020 publishing :D

How to Apply the Art of Lego to Trading and Investing

We live in an ambiguous paradoxical world. Would you have bet that with record unemployment and losses that the Nasdaq would exhibit v shape recoveries and even all time highs? If not for the Ceo of Amazon Jeff bezos talking down their stock, it would not have even dropped.

The important case to learn is is that as a principle: Chunking and making small consistent bets is effective.

Most winners is not always a tale of shrewd foresight and bold strategic moves. This is not in our view. Although…

(Note this is only the author’s opinion and doesn’t reflect any views from my employer or organization I’m affiliated with)

Assume Possible Targets for $PGOLD = Php60 (30% higher) and $MRSGI =Php 3.00 (100% higher)

Key Numbers for PGOLD

  1. ) 423 Stores (77% PGOLD 23% S&R)
    2.) GPM 16%
    3.) NPM 4.1% ( S&R 8% and PGOLD 3%) — In case you’re wondering who’s hoarding — its the rich people so NPM will rise since Sales Growth comes from households stocking and hoarding 2 months worth of lockdown or 3 months worth of lockdown food. …

(Author’s opinion only. Not a buy and sell report. Info purposes only)

The risk rewards in your life today are lose 1 win 17. We live in extraordinary times. Liquidation phase spells super bargains.

1.) Shakeys Pizza. Buy 4.50–5.00. Target selling range 7 peso.
Last Price 4.71

(Authors opinion only. Please do not take my ideas as a buy or sell idea. Information purposes only. DYOR. Thanks!)

Yes we are in a severe recession

Yes we will not recover after 2 years

Be that as it may, here are 70–90% selloffs that have priced in the Zombie Apocalypse and the World is not going to end.

Exhibit Number 1: The Restaurant Sector

1.) $MCD Mcdonalds 125–160; Strong Supports 125/110. Last Price 137

All thoughts are my own and do not represent views of my employer or any organization I’m affiliated with. It is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities and shouldn’t be seen as investment advice. This is for informational purposes only

It is a good thing to ask people the following questions: are you prepared to be wrong? Everyone asks me how deep can this go, or can we confirm that the capitulation could be stemmed and are we stabilizing? Is it 50% lower from here or are we already bound to trade within a range? …


I’ve been trading stocks for awhile but understandably I’m likely to trade or invest for the rest of my life. Here’s my way of thinking about things

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